An age honored practice of healing by travellers between the worlds.

Urban Shamanism- Working With Celestial Energies star
Learn how to harness Celestial Energies for use in Urban Shamanism. Along with an example of how they were engaged to cause effects on the Earth Plane.

A Personal Visit to the Afterlife? star
The first in a series of articles relating possible visits to the 'Land of the Dead' to see my Dad after he had died.

Becoming a Werewolf star
Learn why some people in earlier times were thought to be Werewolves, how Mages have attempted to become this feared beast, and the modern way of psychologically becoming one.

Cannabis and Magick star
Some examples and insights about the use of cannabis in magick and spellcraft

Cycles Of Life star
Learn how to become aware of the cycles of nature within yourself for health, ritual use,and deepening awareness

Developing and Enhancing Your Visualization Skills star
Learn how to use the full range of your senses to visualize successfully, and ways of enhancing this skill for theose with experience

Drugs and the Pagan Scene star
The effects of drugs on the perception and practice of the Pagan path both in the past and present day

Enhancing Your Pagan Practice with Dreamwork. star
Learn how to use dream symbolism to contact and use the symbolism of your subconscious mind for more powerful results in ritual and magick

Foundation for Shamanic Studies star[offsite link]
Founded by anthropologist Michael Harner with a three-fold mission to study, to teach, and to preserve shamanism, the Foundation for Shamanic Studies provides training in Core Shamanism to interested learners worldwide.

Further Into The Astral Afterlife star
Meeting my Dad after he had moved further into the Astral plane post-mortem, and how he later came to a Spiritualist demonstration I was at.

Independent Corroboration of My ‘Afterlife’ Visit star
How I learned that the lucid dreams were actually visits to my dead Dad in the 'Afterlife'

Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection star
Learn how to 'wake up' in your dreams and use them for Astral Travel and Etheric Projection.

Ninja Travels in Japan- Spirits and Monks star
Learn about Ian's travels in Japan, and how he was mistaken for a nature spirit- again

Physical Causes of Seeing Auras star
Seeing auras is frequently mentioned in Pagan and New Age Circles these days. While there is good evidence that this is possible, there are also a range of physical plane reasons why this can happen. In the first of series of articles on seeing an using the Aura we explore the most common ones.

Seeing and Using the Aura – Energy Aspects star
Learn how to use your aura to the best effect in magick and healing

Thoughtforms and Werewolves star
Learn about the connections between thoughtforms and Werewolves through the ages.

Urban Deities and Devas star
Learn about the Devas abd Deities that can be found in the city and urban culture. Plus some tips on working with them

Urban Shamanism star
Learn about Urban Shamanism and how it relates to the more traditional sysems.

Urban Shamanism- Attuning to the City star
Learn how to attune yourself to the urban envrionment to access the energies of the city

Urban Shamanism- Places of Power star
Learn how Urban Shamans use the energies of the city for spellwork and ritual

Urban Shamanism- Urban Ley Lines star
Learn how Earth Energies circulate in the Urban environment and are affected by changes within it.

Working With Fictional Archetypes star
Learn how to tap into and use fictional archetypes to achieve real-world results and construct the building blocks for higher plane magick in a safe and practical manner.

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