Magic and Ritual

There are many different ways of working with Spirit and connecting with the Gods. These articles talk about various rituals, practices and divination.

How to Make and Use Four Thieves Vinegar star
Learn how to concoct this useful spellcraft tool, and some of it's uses. First of two articles

A Guide to Stealth camping star
Learn the skills of stealth camping which enable you to create a closer bond with nature.

A Practical Property Exorcism star
“Good afternoon. I’m from the safety service and I’m here to pick up our equipment.". Not a line most people think of as part of an exorcism, but surprisingly effective nonetheless under the right conditions. To learn what these are read this latest article.

Amulets and Talismans star
A brief overview of Amulets and Talismans

Basil, The Herb Of Love, Money, and Protection star
Learn about the uses of the herb basil for magickal help in love, protection, and prosperity

Candle Magick- Spells star
Learn effective candle spells and other aspects of Candle Magick

Casting An Effective Sphere star
Discover why casting a sacred circle actually means casting a sphere.

Excerpt from “The Wizards’ Way to Wealth” star
Learn how to turn your home into a wealth talisman. An excerpt from Ian's book "The Wizard's Way to Wealth".

Four Thieves Vinegar Spells and Preparations star
Learn the deeper mysteries of how the types of Four Thieves Vinegar works, and how to construct your own spells using this spell as a template.

Herb Magick- Yarrow star
Learn how yarrow was used in magick and medicine by our cultural ancestors

Herbal Magick- Lavender star
Learn how to use Lavender in magick and potions.

Herbs in magick- Releasing the energies in herbs star
Learn the principles in releasing the energies in herbs for empowering spells and rituals

Improving your spellcasting success star
Learn how to improve your magick to get the results you want

Love Spells for Valentines Day star
Some simple love spells to enhance Valentines Day

Magick and Concentration star
Learn how the art of concentration can be used to increase your magickal skills and help with masking physical pain

Magick and Meditation star
Learn how meditation and concentration work in order to refresh yourself and perform effective magick.

Magick, Money, and Material Gain star
Learn more advanced techniques of affecting attracting material things through Mental Magick

Making and Managing Outdoor Fires star
Learn how to make and manage outdoor fires easily and safely for rituals or festival camps

Meditation and Magick star
Meditation as a way of relaxing the mind and improving your magick.

Mesmerism and Magick star
Learn about how the techniques of Mesmerism are used to enhance magickal practice and skill

Modern exorcism- Its strengths and weaknesses star
Learn how Exorcism today differs from the traditional ways of performing it, and how this has its own strengths and weaknesses

More Wealth Spells and Skills for the New Year star
Learn how to encourage more weath into your life by spellwork using easily available tools.

Myths of Hypnosis and Trance star
Learn about some of the myths of hypnosis and trance, and the truths they were based on

Overcoming Inner Blockages to Magickal Success star
Improve your spellcasting and overall practice of Paganism by overcoming mental blocks and expanding your area of acquisition.

Pagan Divination star
Divination is the art of prophecy. It can be used to see the past, interpret the present and predict the future.

Protection Magick star
Learn how to protect yourself from the 'evil eye'and curses mentioned in the previous article.

Self Healing Through Magick and Psychic Means star
Learn how to use suggestion, visualisation, memory, and trance, to activate and enhance your natural healing abilities.

Simple Radionics Devices and Techniques star
Learn more about the art of Radionics, and how to use the principles underpinning it to enhance your magick and ritual

The Art of Invisibility: Saiminjutsu star
Learn how to direct peoples minds, bypass their critical sense, and have them see what you want them to see.

The Four Levels of Magick in Action star
After learning about the four levels of magick, this is how they are actually used to prepare effective spells

The Four levels of Magick – Part 2 star
More principles to empower your spellcraft with emotion and Divinity for greater effectivelness

The Otherworld, the Supernatural, and Fairies star
Learn about some of the little known facets of the Otherworld, its' denizens, and possible UFO connections.

Tools of Magick- The Knife star
The magick knife -so much more than just an Athame

Tools of Magick: The Wand star
Learn about the origins of this tool of magick, its' functions, and how modern research has helped it become even more effective

Wealth Altars star
Learn how the principles behind building a successful altar to aid in acquiring wealth, and bring to your attention negative habits and actions that may be blocking pecuniary success.

Wealth and Prosperity techniques for the New Year star
Learn techniques and spells to help your finances in the New Year

Workplace Magick- Protection Techniques star
Learn basic techniques for protection at work from negative people and energies

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