General Paganism

General pagan references and resources.

Basic Bushcraft: Navigation star
Some basic direction finding techniques to avoid becoming lost in the countryside

Energies behind Astrology star
Learn about some of the lesser known energies behind Astrology which may help it to work as it does. Despite Earth's precession having changed the areas of the sky that the Sun appears to travel through.

Magick and Mental Health star
Learn about the psychic factors in psychiatry and counselling

Meeting the Historical Ninja star
Learn more about the historical Ninja and the sources of their magick

Meeting the modern “Ninja” star
Learn how I inadvertently atttracted the attention of modern "Ninja"

Ninja Travels in Japan star
The first in a series of articles about Ian's Ninja training and experiences in Japan from 1989 to 1990

On Being Pagan star
A Pagan's brief synopsis of what a nature religion means.

Only a Ninja Can Unmask a Ninja star
The second part of the article about when I was followed by the Japanese Security Service, the cultural descendants of the historical Ninja, after photographing a policeman.

Pagan Life Humour star
The time King Arthur nearly cast a circle incorrectly in the biggest solar compass in England

Pagan Social Networking star
A look at Pagan Social Networking

Pagan Travelling star
Learn how to prepare to travel safely as a Pagan

Paganism and Self Development star
Learn how Paganism can be used to help in your self-development on the psychological and spiritual levels.

Radionics and Magick star
The first in a series of articles explaining Radionics and how to use them as part of your magickal skills.

The Art of Invisibility - Magick and Divinity star
Learn how to use magical energy and assistance from Gods and Goddesses to become invisible to others

The Four Levels of Magick: Part 1 star
The first part of an article on how to engage the energies of physical 'props', mental magick, emotions, and Divinity to increase your spellcasting success

The Health Visitor and the Living Altar star
A Health Visitors encounter with an apparent living altar.

Voodoo in Modern Haiti star
Learn about the fascinating background of Voodoo in Modern Haiti and its role in the islands development

What Does It Mean To Be Pagan ? star
One Pagan´s brief synopsis of what a nature-based religion means.

Wicca site at Bella Online star
The Wicca site here at Bella Online is full of informative articles and reviews for the Wiccan way.

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